The world has never needed Vassar graduates as much as it does now. The ability to understand and engage in the lives of others, and the world we all live in, is what a Vassar education nurtures. The skills we teach not only allow our graduates to live richer, fuller lives as individuals; these skills also are vitally important to comprehending and succeeding in this new world – and to making it better. And making the world better is what we’ve always been about.

At a time when respectful debate and the public good are under challenge, our nation and our world need good citizens like never before – well-informed people who can address issues articulately because they have a wide base of knowledge and who have the ability to employ that knowledge critically and creatively.

This is the kind of person that a Vassar education has produced for the past 150 years. And offering this kind of education is what we will keep doing for the next 150 years.

— President Catharine Hill