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President’s Administrative Fellowship

A Letter from the President

Dear all,

Thank you for your interest in the President’s Administrative Fellows Program. This program is an exciting opportunity for both professional and personal growth for recent Vassar graduates. Our goal is to expose recent graduates to a range of experiences and prepare graduates for future careers in higher education administration. Over the course of the year-long program, Administrative Fellows will report to a senior administrator at the college and work on central projects and programs that are poised to make Vassar a better institution for our students, faculty, administrators, alumnae/i, and community partners.

I hope you will consider staying at Vassar after graduation as part of the President’s Administrative Fellows program. In doing so, you will learn from administrators who will have your professional development at the forefront of their minds, as you work on projects together and continue to share your talents with the college.


President Bradley

Program Description

The President’s Administrative Fellows Program is a year-long program that exposes recent Vassar graduates to roles in higher education administration. At the end of the Fellowship, Administrative Fellows will have both a broad understanding of how institutions of higher education function and a deep understanding of the area in which they are placed. The Administrative Fellows Program will prepare students to take on leadership roles at Vassar, other institutions of higher education, and organizations in other sectors.

Administrative Fellows are full-time paid employees and are placed in a variety of offices across the college. Administrative Fellows are placed in offices that are overseen by individuals in senior leadership roles at Vassar. Over the course of their fellowship year, Administrative Fellows will engage in activities ranging from the management of administrative tasks to strategic program development and implementation. As part of the program, Administrative Fellows will be members of a cohort and will have exposure to a number of different professional development opportunities. These opportunities include lunchtime conversations with the President, Dean of the College, Secretary and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Vice President of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development, Vice President of Communications, and other individuals in leadership roles at the college; one-on-one alumnae/i mentoring between Administrative Fellows and alumnae/i whose current careers align with the Administrative Fellows’ placement or future career goals; and specialized professional development sessions focused on benefits and retirement, financial planning, and navigating career changes.

The Administrative Fellows Program is a unique opportunity for recent graduates to add to their Vassar experience and prepare for a meaningful career in higher education or other sectors in which a deep understanding of issues in higher education can be helpful. See below for more information on this year’s placements and information on how to apply.



If you are interested in applying to the President's Administrative Fellows Program, please send a cover letter and resume to by 5:00pm on Sunday April 14th, 2019. If you are interested in being considered for more than one Administrative Fellow role, please note that in your cover letter and indicate how you would rank the roles in which you are interested.

If you have any questions about the Administrative Fellows Program overall, please contact Wesley Dixon at

If you have any questions about individual placements, please contact the supervisor of that particular placement. 


Current Fellows

Tamar Ballard, Dean of the College,

Lily Berman, Career Development Office,

Rori-An Chuck, Office of Alumnae Affairs and Development,

Samantha Hoher, Office of Health Education and Promotion,

Brian Hong, Office of Communications,

Elaina Peterkin, ALANA Center,

Ezra Weissman, Office of the President,




The ALANA Administrative Fellow will work towards the mission of the ALANA Center and the goals of the Engaged Pluralism Initiative (EPI). The primary purpose of the center is to support the success of African American/Black, Latinx, Asian, and Native American student communities at Vassar, and EPI aims to foster the sense of belonging and thriving among all members of the Vassar community. The Administrative Fellow will support the programmatic efforts of the ALANA Center and their intersection with EPI, represent the center on campus through activities and initiatives, and, specifically, develop partnerships with and support the work of the ALANA-identified student organizations: the African Students’ Union (ASU), Asian Students’ Alliance (ASA), Black Students’ Union (BSU), Caribbean Students’ Alliance (CSA), Council of Black Seniors (CBS), Middle Eastern Students Collective (MESC), Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanxa/o Aztlán (MEChAa), Multiracial/Biracial Student Association (MBSA), Native American & Indigenous Student Alliance (NAISA), Poder Latinx (PL), South Asian Students' Alliance (SASA), Southeast Asian Students' Alliance (SEASA) and Vassar Muslim Student Union (VMSU). The Administrative Fellow will also collaborate on college activities with the EPI Co-chairs and Coordinator, as assigned by ALANA Director. The ALANA Center is within the Student Growth and Engagement area of the division. As a result, the fellow will also work with other centers and offices on matters concerning campus life matters and student engagement.

For more information, contact Kevin Collins, Director of ALANA Center,

Alumnae/i Affairs and Development

The Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development (OAAD) Administrative Fellow would help create a comprehensive Student Philanthropy Program at Vassar. Many colleges have active and dynamic programs led by students that help support key initiatives, and we are excited to re-envision and reinvent what we currently do. The charitable giving support of our alumnae/i is crucial to President Bradley’s vision for Vassar, raising over $40 million annually to allow the college to offer programs, hire faculty, provide financial aid, and renovate buildings. The education about why this is important begins with our students – our future alums. This work is essential to Vassar’s future financial sustainability and its ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We wish to have an Administrative Fellow to lead the planning effort in the 2019-20 academic year in advance of a roll-out of a new and improved Student Philanthropy Program in the fall of 2020. The OAAD Administrative Fellow would work closely with the Vice President, the Director of the Vassar Fund, and the Assistant Directors of the Vassar Fund and Alumnae/i Engagement in this work.

For more information, contact Timothy Kane, Vice President for Alumnae/i Affairs and Development,

Career Development Office

The Career Development Office (CDO) at Vassar College invites applications for a one-year post-baccalaureate fellowship focusing on the coordination of outreach to student populations. The Administrative Fellow position is open to graduating Vassar College seniors or recent Vassar College graduates. The primary responsibilities of the Administrative Fellow include communications, outreach, and advising functions.

The Administrative Fellow will manage publicity, marketing, and communications for the Career Development Office by developing and implementing effective campaigns to students and other constituent groups through the use of digital and print outlets. The Administrative Fellow will also support the mission and operations of the office by serving as an advisor for students during daily drop-in hours, programs in the residence halls, etc.

Key Communications Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement creative strategies to promote CDO events, services, and resources using a variety of media including email, e-newsletters, targeted marketing, social media, and print
  • Manage program-specific marketing timelines by working closely with CDO staff
  • Design print marketing and informational pieces such as posters, flyers, email blasts, programs, etc.
  • Advocate for and promote the CDO on our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Moderate social media platforms and respond to comments and/or messages sent to the CDO via social media
  • Update web content using the CMS

Key Outreach and Advising Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with student leaders, house teams, administrative offices/centers, and other campus constituents to increase awareness of CDO resources and programming
  • Introduce students to the resources and services of the CDO through drop-in appointments, tabling, open houses, programming in the residence halls, and other events
  • Provide current students with resume and cover letter reviews, as well as basic information about job/internship searches, interview advice, etc.; recommend relevant resources and make referrals to career counselors as needed
  • Partner with CDO staff to deliver workshops on topics such as resume writing, internship search, interview skills, etc.

For more information, contact Stacy Bingham, Director of Career Development,


The Office of Communications Administrative Fellow would fill a critical role in the department, serving as a member of the team that will undertake the first college-wide branding initiative in Vassar’s history as well as working with senior team members on key Communications priorities such as Admissions Communications and social media.

The Office of Communications Administrative Fellow will work closely with Vice President Amanita Duga-Carroll, and Associate Vice President Gladwyn Lopez as well as with the outside agency that is being hired to execute a refresh of the Vassar brand. Work will include but not be limited to coordinating focus groups of students, alums, faculty, and employees for the agency; providing biographical information about Vassar to the agency and participating in meetings with the agency as concepts for brand are reviewed and strategies for brand communications are developed. Time permitting, the Administrative Fellow will also be involved with creating Admissions Communications materials, again working closely with Duga-Carroll and Lopez. Finally (and again time-permitting) we would seek to involve the Administrative Fellow in our Social Media Division. The Communications Administrative Fellow would attend senior level meetings such as the weekly Editorial Meeting (which consists mainly of Directors), as well as the meetings with the branding agency. Our goal will be to provide an experience which, after the end of a year, will bring depth to the Communications Administrative Fellow’s professional bandwith.

Both Duga-Carroll and Lopez have extensive backgrounds mentoring recent college grads who learned valuable skills that then catapulted them to higher-level positions. Lopez, in fact, started his career at the agency at which Duga-Carroll worked. After a year, he was promoted to a professional staff position in Duga-Carroll’s division. He eventually rose through the ranks in her division to become a Senior Vice President at the agency.

For more information, contact Amanita Duga-Carroll, Vice President of Communications,

Dean of College

The Dean of College division requests an Administrative Fellow to work with the Dean of the College in assisting with the research and implementation of programming centered on student wellness at Vassar. The Administrative Fellow’s primary responsibilities will include research to better assess the needs of Vassar’s students concerning mental health and wellness on campus. Various student groups have articulated the need to improve upon the college’s current resources and approaches in this area. The Administrative Fellow will look to study and develop best practices focused on outreach, engagement, and case management (follow-up) for wellness on our campus. The successful incumbent will work closely with the Dean of the College, the Associate Dean of Student Growth and Engagement, the Associate Dean of Residential Life and Wellness, and the Associate Dean for Religious and Spiritual Life and Contemplative Practices. Meeting with this group, the Administrative Fellow will also provide programming, communication strategies, assessment, and leadership that fosters the emotional and physical wellness, and a consistent effort to build inclusive and healthy communities on campus for our students. By the end of their term, the Dean of College Administrative Fellow will have enhanced their research and problem-solving skills, developed a better understanding of the development and administration of policies and programs, and be able to assess program effectiveness.

For more information, contact Carlos Alamo-Pastrana, Dean of the College,

Health Promotion and Education

The Office of Health Promotion and Education (OHPE) at Vassar College invites applications for an Administrative Fellow. OHPE believes that health and wellness is a vital part of learning. We believe students’ ability to thrive academically and personally depends on their state of mind, body, and spirit. This position is open to graduating seniors or recent graduates. The OHPE Administrative Fellows will support the mission and operations of the office through outreach education, prevention programs, and student support that enables students to thrive at Vassar. This position will assist in training and providing continuing education and mentoring to a group of eight Wellness Peer Educators. The OHPE Fellow will serve as liaison to the resident houses and assist with prevention programs. This position will also be charged with developing wellness programs for first year-students that will enable them to adjust to college and thrive. The OHPE Presidential Administrative Fellow will also provide some clerical and budgeting support and perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Health Promotion and Education.

For more information, contact Andrea Pesavento, Director of Health Education and Promotion,

President’s Office

The Administrative Fellow in the President’s Office will report to the Special Assistant to the President and will be a key member of the President’s Office staff. The Administrative Fellow will contribute to and support efforts in several few key areas:

  1. The establishment of a strategy for inclusive and genuine engagement with the City and Town of Poughkeepsie. Vassar is committed to being a leading partner with the City of Poughkeepsie as it considers how it might develop both economically and socially. The President’s Office will play a leading role at Vassar in defining the domains in which the institution is best suited to make a positive contribution to the City of Poughkeepsie.
  2. The strategic development of the Arlington Business District. In conjunction with the Office of Finance and Administration, the President’s Office is working to consider how we might use our campus properties and real estate to catalyze a vibrant small business district in the Town of Poughkeepsie (Arlington neighborhood) that is not only attractive to the on-campus community, but also meaningful to our neighbors in Arlington and in the Mid-Hudson Valley more generally. As the college undertakes this effort, we are committed to supporting local and minority owned businesses.
  3. The development of meaningful external partnerships (foundations, corporations, international organizations, etc.) As Vassar considers how it can play a pivotal role in advocating for the relevance and positive influence of the liberal arts, it recognizes the importance of establishing key strategic partnerships with organizations that can help the college promote this agenda. The President’s Office will take the lead on campus, catalyzing (and assessing) these new relationships.

The Administrative Fellow in the President’s Office will support these efforts as a project coordinator. This role will require the Fellow to work across departments to gain insights and perspectives that inform the multi-disciplinary work of the President’s Office.

For more information, contact Wesley Dixon, Special Assistant to the President and Board Secretary,



If you have any questions about the Administrative Fellows Program overall, please contact Wesley Dixon at


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I am selected as an Administrative Fellow, when would I start my Fellowship?
Answer: Administrative Fellows will begin during the summer after they graduate from Vassar. The official start date will likely be on or around July 1, 2019.

Question: How will my alumnae/i mentor be chosen?
Answer: If selected as an Administrative Fellow, you will work collaboratively with the Program Director and your supervisor to determine what qualities are most important to you in a mentor. Your supervisor and the Program Director will work with the Career Development Office and the Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development to find a suitable mentor for you based on your personal and professional interests.

Question: Is the Administrative Fellows role a paid position?
Answer: Yes, the Administrative Fellows role is a full-time, year-long, paid position.

Question: Is housing included as a part of the Administrative Fellows Program?
Answer: No, housing is not provided as a part of the Administrative Fellows Program. If you are selected as an Administrative Fellow, we encourage you to work with the Program Director and the Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources to explore affordable housing options in or around Poughkeepsie.


Past Fellows

Administrative Fellows 2018–2019

Udbhav Agarwal, International Services

Juleen Graham, Career Development

Alquan Higgs, ALANA Center

Cecilia Hoang, Engaged Pluralism Initiative

Samantha Hoher, Health Education and Promotion